Samsung Galaxy Note 3 6500mAh Extended Life Battery



Are you enjoying your new Note 3 smart phone but frustrated by how quickly it runs out of power? The Gorilla Gadgets 6500 mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Life Battery gives you the power to explore more with your phone and enjoy longer uptime. Now you can stay connected with your family and friends by getting the extra battery power you need. Enjoy surfing the net, playing videos, games, operating your favorite Bluetooth devices and playing music. Don't let your current battery life limit what your smartphone can do for you. The Gorilla Gadgets 6500mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Life Battery will keep you 'live' all day!

  • Designed and Engineered in California - Extend the run time of your new Note 3 battery life with confidence
  • Delivers 6550mAh out of claimed 6500mAh with more than 500 charge cycles
  • NFC/S Beam Enabled
  • Well Balanced - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery Performance and Mobility
  • Worry Free - Gorilla Gadgets offers a 180-Day "Satisfied Experience" Warranty
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

x1 6500 mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Life Battery

x1 replacement back cover available in black or white